The Park Festival Tralee Ireland


august 19th -28th

1 Park - 1 Marquee

10 Days - 3 Festivals

30 Events - 200 People

4 or 6 POD Tickets

Family Camp Park Festival


Thu. 19th - Sat. 21st - Claraith leis An Coimisún Le Rincí Gaelacha - Irish Dancing Competitions

Sun. 22nd - Wed. 25th 'Family Camp at Féile' - A taste of the annual June Festival of Free Family Fun 


THU. 26th - SAT. 28th Lunchtime At the Park with Thurs. Jazz, Friday Classical and Saturday Disney (The Lion King & Moana) + All-Ireland Football Semi-Final on the BIG SCREEN!

Thu. 26th - Sat. 28th Live Music with After shock, Sweet FA, Comic Book Heroes, Renovator, Queenless Kings & Oracle


Féile at the Park
Féis at the Park
Tralee Musical Revival
Family Camp Park Festival
The Park Festival Tralee Ireland
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This Summer series has all the ingredients for a magnificent Park Festival in Tralee celebrating the return of live music, food and arts to Kerry. Featuring a host of activities including an Irish dancing Féis, the traditional Féile family festival of street performances, workshops and demos along with a 'Revival' Music Festival all under our sepcially designed open-sided Festival Marquee with Banquet style seating. The Park Festival is hosted in the picturesque outdoor space of Pearse Park in the heart of Tralee town. The 2021 Festival is a joint-venture between Kerry County Council Tralee Municipal District funded under the 2021 Community Support Fund (Féis & Féile) and Tralee Chamber Alliance funded under the Live Music Support Scheme (Revival). Tickets are from €2.50, €5 or FREE per person, depending on the event. Share the experience with a max of six people Pod available for each show.


Pearse Park

Denny Street

Tralee, Co.Kerry



Tralee Chamber Alliance
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pod?

All guests will have a socially distanced area INSIDE our purpose built Marquee (open sided) with Cabaret-Style table seating (Pod) seating up to 4 or up to 6 people (depending on event) so they can share the experience, entertainment and food with their family and friends safely. An added bonus is everyone will have an assigned table so you will never lose your spot.

How do Pod tickets work & what are the prices?
Due to covid restrictions, guests will be based at a picnic table with their pod throughout the event. Firstly - choose your event session that suits your group. Tickets are only sold in pods of either 4 people or 6 people so you will need to group together and let one person make the booking for all of you. Due to strict limited capacity of 150 for Féis and 180 for Féile/Re:vival - only up to 4 people will be permitted entry if you have a 4-person pod ticket, or up to 6 people if you have a 6-person pod ticket. Tickets are priced differently depending on what event you attend.

'Féile' ticket values can be redeemed with the onsite Concession Stalls for Food/Drinks but ONLY during your time slot. This means your ticket price is FREE if you redeem your €15 ticket (exc. booking fees) for your Pod of 6 towards Ice Creams, Drinks etc. There are no single / general admission tickets available, table / pod tickets only.

Why are ye charging this year?

Annually, in June the Park Festival is an open, walk-thru event. For 2021 we have to control all aspects and capture information. We can only do this via ticketing. We are subventing the ticket price and only charging a nominal fee of €2.50 for daytime and €5 for evening and all the Féile event tickets for 7 Days can be redeemed by your group at the food court on site. 

What if the event cannot go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions?
We will continue to monitor the evolving situation regarding Covid-19. Should your booking be affected by new restrictions and protocols, we will do our very best to assist in rescheduling where possible and appropriate. Management will offer refunds beyond our normal T&C’s if new government protocols require it. Please note that only ticket prices will be refunded, any booking fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstance as they are paid to 3rd parties for the payment processing and ticketing service.

What are the Covid-19 checks on site?

You will be asked via email (check Spam) from 24 hours out from your event time to complete a Covid Pre-Screening eForm regarding the health & movements for you and your guests. You will not be allowed entry without this form being completed. There will be Temperature checks, Sanitisation Stations and we will require sight of one person in your group having the Covid Tracker App on their phone. Masks must be worn while moving around the venue but not while seated. Remember Up when your Up and down when your Down.

Can we purchase a whole pod (e.g. 4 person capacity) and have less people (e.g. 2 people)?
Yes, but you will need to cover the cost of the entire pod.

Can you put my friend’s pod next to mine?
Please ensure your group and your friends group queue close to one another and request this at the Ticket Check-In Gate and the Team will endeavor to facilitate your request and try and seat your close together.

What does the ticket price include?
Ticket prices include entry to the festival site for your booked session (usually 2/3 hours), an assigned Cabaret-style table with single seating for your pod with a full line-up of entertainment and performances plus access to festival foods and drinks. Reduced numbers are the only way such an event will be able to go ahead this summer and we are delighted to be in a position to provide this - we all miss our festivals and summer gigs - we need this! 

What time can we arrive?
Please aim to arrive just at the start of your session time. We do not want people queuing outside; there is no need as the Stage is high, the space is large and you will see, hear and enjoy the activities regardless of your location.  You can only gain access to the site for your particular session time and must vacate the park premises when advised to do so. 
Further info will be emailed to all ticket holders. Queuing - Do do start to que until you have all of your group together. You must enter as a Pod.

Is there accommodation available?
All our Tralee Hotels are partners and supporters in this venture so please support all out local accommodation providers.

Will there be food & drinks? Can I bring my own?
Yes we will have delicious food stalls and non-alcoholic drinks on sale. BYO food is not permitted unless it is for specific dietary / medical needs. Strictly no alcohol can be brought into the venue. Personal belongings will be searched on arrival and any alcohol found will be confiscated on arrival. Any guests found with alcohol could face eviction from the event.

Why is there a booking fee added?
There are charges passed on to us by 3rd party services used to process ticketing fees, transfers and credit/debit card transactions, also for the installation and maintenance of systems and software and all other costs associated with our ticketing system and its delivery. Booking fees work out at €1.50 on the €15 ticket and €1 on the €10 ticket. Please note that refunds under any circumstances, only apply to ticket prices and not to service or processing fees. Booking fees are charged at the start of a transaction for services and cannot be refunded by the operator.

Is there Accessibility Access?

Yes, we have full Wheelchair access to the marquee which is also floored. Chairs are movable and there is Wheelchair Toilets on site. Along with this the Stage is at @ 1 meter height so sightlines should be good regardless of the event.